Basically, when people say that their efficiency cannot be measured, be aware that they're simply lying to you...

We know it very well, thanks to our track record of thousands of individuals and companies we have helped!

See these short list of our most recent financial management and taxation optimization cases reviews:

Michelle Monaghan

I've been using this company's expertise on taxes since I moved to NYC from Montreal in 2006. Their team have helped me through a multitude of miscellaneous issues over the years. Their sensible advice and experience gives me confidence, which is exactly what you want in the firm you turn to for advice!

Gary Winkler

My husband has been working overseas for a few years and we have used a lot of accountants, but none of them had the knowledge that these guys had. So when it came to optimizing our foreign income taxes, we hired them for the first time last year and was amazed at the end results...

Jane Falkon

After many years of efficient coopeation I highly recommend this company's managers as the ultimate International Tax Specialists. As a first time Expat, I had many questions and concerns relative to the American tax rules. They were very quick to respond to my many inquiries throughout the year, even when he was away on vacation!

Walter Mayham

Following much frustration dealing with one of the “big 4” firms, our company finally decided to seek out specialized tax advice for our complex corporate taxing issues. Thanks to these guys I was able to sort it all out in no time! I guess that's what makes a difference for a professional!

Amy Adams

My personal manager Jackie did my taxes for me this year and I will never use anyone else's service anymore! She has my business for life! Jackie made it easy and was able to get my refund over $3000! Her knowledge and expertise are amazing! I will refer anyone who will listen! In fact, I have already referred my dad! Thank you so much!

Jonathan Gilberte

As a small business owner, I have a hard time keeping up with everyday life due to the demands on my time. One of the areas I cannot afford to ditch is my personal finances. This company's team and all the managers did all of our business bookkeeping and accounting needs, and I really appreciate that!

Glippery Inc.

I just wanted to let you know that we've just received the New Agreement from the IRS for the remainder of the 2015 + 2016 balance as agreed. I hope and it seems that this matter has been resolved, so long as I do not default again. Also, the 2014 taxes have been E-filed, and I am now current and I have an $8,300 return.

Jamez Murdoch

I just want to thank you for all your help that you have provided on this matter. Since the moment you and your team of Tax Consulting pros had gotten involved, I had not had the stress that I had before. You guys handled my situation with the utmost professionalism and I was able to contact you any day of the week, and you always returned my calls and emails

Ranfort Highberry Inc.

As you know, when I first requested your tax consulting services the IRS had already garnished my wages and had just filed a lien for seizure of personal property and real estate to meet the total back taxes that I owed in excess of $100,000. You and your team went above and beyond my expectations to assist me in resolving this matter.

Janice Grieg

This company's managers were able to obtain settlement for 3 cents on the dollar, relieving me of a tremendous burden. What an incredible job! I don’t have words enough to express my gratitude to you and Daniel Beck, who's been my personal manager throughout this process!

Mike Whitaker

I'd love to praise this company again, because in my previous experience most local CPAs do not have the expertise to offer the hiring tax credit service. Specialists such as the LimitTax Taxation Consulting offer such services. Reliant Tax Consulting has obtained significant tax refunds for our clients and we recommend them to business owners.

Mary Walters

For my mid-sized business, taxation gets too tricky to keep track of personally. So I am very thankful to this company's professional staff! They are very knowledgeable and helped me understand how my business could claim the tax benefits. Reliant is truly amazing and exceeded my expectations...Reliant coordinated with my CPA and obtained my tax refunds. I am very satisfied with the services.

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