Probate Services

Authorised by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants to carry out the reserved legal activity of non-contentious probate in England and Wales.

Services offered include the preparation of IHT forms for HMRC and dealing with the administration affairs of an estate following death, including the preparation of estate accounts and dealing with all taxation matters relevant to the Executors.

Many people believe that it is only solicitors who are able to assist with this, but for a number of years now the Legal Practices Board has agreed that licensed probate practitioners may undertake the same work.

Probate is a complex area which has to be tackled when someone dies, whether they have left a valid Will or not.  It coincides with a period of family grief, making it all the more stressful for those involved.

Some families try to tackle the probate process themselves, but unfortunately this sometimes ends up with incorrect returns to HMRC or indeed incorrect legacies being paid under the terms of the Will.

The process is lengthy and whilst not always complicated, it is time-consuming and can be distressing for the family members concerned if there is no external adviser.

Taxation often forms an integral part of dealing with probate in minimising tax liabilities for the executors and the beneficiaries.

Being both probate practitioners and chartered tax advisers, Aurora Tax Services Ltd are in a position to offer probate and estate administration services with their expertise as tax advisers to minimise liabilities.

Matters associated with the completion of the complex forms, valuation of property and other assets, the discharging of any debts, the transfer of ownership of assets and the calculation of Inheritance Tax all require financial expertise which a licensed probate practitioner can provide.

Penny Cook, the Director of Aurora Tax Services Ltd, has almost 40 years’ experience of dealing with both simple and complicated probate situations for clients and their families.

We believe we are able to offer an efficient and cost-effective probate service, not only in terms of fees, but also in terms of tax mitigation.  We would welcome an opportunity to discuss with you any requirements you may have in this area.